The uses of self-hypnosis are limitless and one great technique to use hypnosis is to simply ask a question. Self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are all powerful tools that you can to create mastery in your life. At my Seattle hypnosis and my Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices I teach clients how to use hypnosis mind control with the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique. If you want to know more about hypnosis techniques, then Hypnosis Health Info is the place for you. Articles such as Moore On Hypnosis and Hypnosis Myths explain clinical hypnosis and self hypnosis. Be sure to check out the articles written by my hypnotists colleagues from around the world. And, if you don’t have Understanding Hypnosis, my free hypnosis download, be sure that you get it now.

15 to 18 years ago in a conversation with Mark Victor Hansen he shared with me that when he lost something like his car keys, he would sit down in a comfortable place, close his eyes and simply repeat over and over “Where’s my keys? Where’s my keys? Where’s my keys?” Most of the time, the answer came to him where he had left his keys.

Using Mark’s idea, I began using the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique for problem solving as well as for direct suggestions. For instance, if I am wondering how to best approach a client therapy session, I simply ask my subconscious mind what would be best for this client. I then shut off my Light Switch and and sit in silence listening for an answer. I use this self-hypnosis technique for mundane things such as where are my car keys to how to best build the dog kennel, to how to create abundance in my life. Your subconscious mind is powerful and it is a great thing to begin to learn how to use it.

If you are ready to use hypnosis mind control then Hypnosis Health Info is the place for you. Self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) are tools you can use to create mastery.

Learn the Light Switch self-hypnosis technique, read Moore On Hypnosis, Hypnosis Myths and the many articles written by hypnotists around the world. Do you have Understanding Hypnosis? It’s my free hypnosis download.

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I use the power of my subconscious mind.

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