Mount Baker, Washington 

Mount Baker is no longer smoking – how about you? Here is a great news video on stopping smoking with hypnosis. Are you ready to quit smoking? Even with hypnotherapy, you have got to want to quit. You have to want to stop smoking for you, not for your family, not because of health, not because you should, not because your doctor told you – but because you are sick and tired of it and you want to stop smoking. Break Free Stop Smoking has a success rate of about 85%. Yes, I am selective on who I accept as a stop smoking client – I have actually sat with a client and ripped their payment up and sent them on their way because they were not ready to stop smoking.

I teach all stop smoking clients stress reduction techniques and I teach them self-hypnosis so that if there is ever an urge – that longing for an old friend – clients can use hypnotherapy and be in control. Are you ready to stop smoking? Are you ready to breathe clean air?

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I love my smoke free life.