Taking stock of your current eating patterns is an important step at Slender For Life™.  It’s important to admit your current eating patterns. Take a few minutes to get real with yourself and consider these questions.

  1. How many times in the last 30 days have you over-indulged during a restaurant meal or gulped junk food from a fast food joint?
  2. How many separate items of obviously unhealthy junk food currently lurk in your house, car, desk and anywhere else you’ve hidden it?

One client, Christine reported back to me after doing this exercise. “Even though I had already started buying some healthier foods and thought I was doing okay, I was shocked at how many items of worthless nutritional value I had stashed in my cupboards. I had convinced myself that because I bought them in a health food store, my lemon cookies were healthful. And I even had treats stuffed into the glove compartment in my car. I guess I really do still eat a lot of crappy food!” (This journal exercise is from my book, Becoming Slender For Life.)

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I take stock of my eating habits.

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