I called one of my clients to give her a head’s up that I might be a few minutes late returning to the office from a stress talk that I was giving at Solid Ground, a Seattle non-profit organization that provides shelter, food, advocacy and care for people in need throughout Seattle and King County. I try to make sure that I am on time for my clients and respect their appointment times. I was concerned that if she arrived before I returned that she’d be locked out of my office and left to wait in the hallway. Her response was profound – “I’m not a crisis maker.”

As I drove to to give my talk on stress reduction techniques, I got caught in road construction where two lanes were funneled into one and the lights had very short greens and very long reds. I could feel my own crisis maker starting to kick in. My thoughts were starting to buzz with “they will be sitting there waiting for me.” “I won’t have time to set up before I am to start” “I’m going to be late” …. I had to smile at myself – here I was to give a talk on stress and I’m creating stress. I remembered the words of my client “I’m not a crisis maker” and reflected on my own words to clients. You can get caught in traffic, stress out and show up late, or you can get caught in traffic and simply show up late – either way – you are late. Stressing about it will not get you there any earlier nor help the situation in anyway. So you might as well relax, and acknowledge what is and move on. So as I sat in traffic, I said to myself, Orange Blossom and immediately felt a wave of relaxation come over me.

That is the beauty of hypnosis! I have used Orange Blossom for some time and now all I have to do is say the word and and I relax. Self hypnosis is so cool – I switched from fear of being late (the Henny Penny sky is falling syndrome) I’m OK and it will be OK – even if I am late the sun will still come up tomorrow. I arrived at the talk just in time to get set up, get to the bathroom and use one more minute of hypnotherapy to get grounded and used the traffic experience in my stress talk – and it went great.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

Each and every time I say or think ‘Orange Blossom’ I become loose, limp and relaxed.