I thought maybe I was the only one who hated florescent lights and the new energy efficient light bulbs. I am all for living green and do my best to do my part, but I stick with the old light bulbs.

According to Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld in the Medical Alert of Parade Magazine, new research suggests some dangers to the energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs that are becoming standard. Flickering bulbs have been reported to precipitate migraines or even seizures; though manufacturers say the new models have been improved. Fluorescent light can also can aggravate skin rashes in people with lupus, eczema, dermatitis or porphyria. Perhaps most important, the bulbs contain mercury. If one breaks, don’t vacuum the debris – that can release toxic dust into the air. Leave the room for 15 minutes. Then, wearing gloves, place fragments into a plastic bag, seal it and take it to a recycling center.

I don’t use fluorescent light bulbs in my home or in my office, but I am frequently in places that have fluorescent lights. What do I do? When I see the lights, I use my Light Switch One Minute Self Hypnosis technique and ask my unconscious mind to adjust my body to not be affected by the fluorescent light bulbs. Our unconscious minds are very powerful and it is the job of the unconscious mind to protect us. Using hypnotherapy, I can eliminate my eye strain and negate headaches resulting from fluorescent light bulbs.