REALLY?! A cash incentive can get people off of the couch? WOW! And it only took $175.00. Actually, it would be worth it if it meant that people became for active and ate more plant based food. For us tax payers, the health care costs of obesity is estimated to be $190 billion a year in the U.S. And part of the threat is that the two-thirds of Americans who are overweight or obese are at risk of diabetes, cancer, and early death. We cannot afford the devastating costs of obesity. Healthcare reform begins with each of being responsible for our own health care. Hypnosis for weight loss can make the life long difference. Why not get off the couch and become Slender For Life™?

Cash Helps People Make
Healthy Lifestyle Changes

May 29, 2012 — Knowing you need to make healthy lifestyle changes like exercising more and eating less fat is, as most anyone knows, a lot different from actually doing it. Now new research shows that cold, hard cash may help more people make — and maintain — such changes.

According to the study, adults were more likely to eat better and spend less time channel surfing on the couch when they kept a digital record of their diet and activity — and received $175 for meeting their health goals during the three weeks of the study. The findings appear in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Once the three-week study was completed, participants then got $30 to $80 for sending data to their coach for five months. They were no longer asked to meet health and fitness goals, just to report on their daily activities and eating patterns. Yet the changes stuck.

The servings of fruits and veggies increased from 1.2 per day on average when the study started to 5.5 at the end of three weeks. They leveled off to 2.9 at the five-month follow-up.

Time spent on the couch decreased from an average of 219.2 minutes per day before the study to 89.3 minutes at the end of three weeks and then to 125.7 at the end of the follow-up period.

The average number of calories from artery-clogging saturated fat fell from 12% of daily calories to 9.4% at the end of the three-week study, and rose slightly to 9.9 % at the five-month follow-up.

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The costs of obesity is bankrupting us. It is time that we each show up and be responsible for our own healthcare by eating healthy plant based food and with exercise. Hypnosis can help you with exercise motivation.

Slender For Life™ clients learn hypnosis for weight loss which not only helps them to lose weight, it helps with the motivation to be more active and to actually find joy in exercise. Learn self hypnosis for weight loss and for exercise motivation.

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