You probably already know that the Seattle weight loss office of Slender For Life™ is passionate about ending childhood obesity and knows that it has to be a family affair. says that one of the things parents can do is to create a healthy-weight environment. Children can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis and enjoy healthy foods.

The says that parents need to create a healthy-weight environment. As you work toward healthy habits and behaviors, create an environment that supports these efforts. For example: Surround your family with healthy foods. Stock your kitchen with fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods and other healthy choices. Keep junk food and sugary drinks out of the house.

The families that I see that are the most successful are ones that from birth raise their children on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These families rarely eat at fast-food chains and don’t keep soda, candy or processed foods in the house.

Create A Healthy Food Environment
At Slender For Life™ and in my book Becoming Slender For Life and the Becoming Slender for Life hypnosis CD set I offer families the tools to end their desires for sugary, fatty, salty and  processed foods so that they may develop a healthy desire for vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Check out Slender For Life™ and call for your free hypnosis consultation.

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I create a healthy food environment for my family.

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