I just received an email from Oriana Green telling me that tonight on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Dark Tower will be airing at 7:45 PM PST. What is significant about this 1943 movie is that it is about a hypnotist involved in a love triangle. While working at a circus a man hypnotizes a trapezist to kill her partner. I called my wife, verified that we have TCM and asked her to TiVo it for me.

So why is it that I am so interested in this classic tale? Because it is an example of what hypnosis is NOT. From the description, Anne Crawford is hypnotized into killing her partner so the hypnotist can have her for himself. This is Hollywood fiction – it can only happen in the movies!

No matter how deep into hypnosis I take you or anyone else takes you, we can never make you do anything you don’t want to do.  It is all choice. If I gave you the suggestion to go rob the bank and bring me the cash, the only way you can entertain that suggestion is if you are a bank robber. And, if you were to really follow through on that suggestion, you still would not bring me the cash. You have to be in agreement with any suggestions given in hypnosis to be effective. You have to want to do it!

Hypnosis is not:

  1. Sleep
  2. A state of unconsciousness
  3. Being gullible
  4. Being weak-minded
  5. Being Controlled by someone else
  6. A loss of self-control

Hypnosis is:

  1. Self-Hypnosis
  2. Un-judged (unfiltered) imagination
  3. Hypnosis is imagination – it is what we create
  4. Hypnosis is a heightened state of concentration
  5. An awake state
  6. A state of relaxation
  7. Exercise for your mind
  8. Rapport with your unconscious mind
  9. The ultimate display of control

In hypnosis, you hear everything and you have total control.

My wife and daughter Shellee are leaving Wednesday to visit her sister and her partner in New York, leaving Luna and I home alone. So some night it will be fun for Luna and I to watch this old movie. It will be a good laugh.