Eat plant-based food on $5 a dayDid you know that you can eat plant-based food on $5.00 a day? The other day someone was complaining to me about the high cost of eating healthy. I asked what they were eating and it was a litany of organic milk, eggs, cheese, free-range chickens and organic beef. I almost burst out laughing at the notion that milk, eggs, cheese, chickens and beef were considered “healthy” in any form. I managed to contain myself and smiled. I explained that my wife and I eat really delicious whole plant based food on about $300 – $400 a month for the two of us. Our meals are delectable, enjoyable and very satisfying. And because we don’t eat meat or dairy, we don’t have food spoiling on us. Meals keep for days.

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Plant-Based on a Budget: How I Ate Well on $5 a Day

Forks Over Knives, Darshana Thacker, June 24, 2015: I have previously done a five-day $1.50-a-day challenge, to demonstrate how to eat healthfully on an extremely restricted budget. It was difficult, but doable. Now I want to show you how to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet on a more reasonable, but still thrifty budget of $5 a day. Below I have chronicled my experience of creating a ten-day menu of varied healthy meals, using limited resources and ingredients.

According to the USDA, the monthly food budget for a single person on the “thrifty plan” is approximately $209, which is about $6.90 per day. I took it down to $5 a day, which is closer to the budget of people who live on food stamps.

In order to simulate the shopping experience of the average American, I shopped in big chain supermarkets, small mom-and-pop stores, specialty grocery stores, and at my local farmer’s market.

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The food you enjoy or even crave, really is a choice that you make. I know that at times it may not feel like a choice, but you are the one in control. A “craving” and a “like” are thoughts. You can change your thoughts. When you learn hypnosis for weight loss, you can be in control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately your weight. Schedule your free weight loss hypnosis consultation now and choose to eat healthy plant-based foods, save money and improve your health.

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