Eating healthy cheapEating healthy and cheap is very doable. No matter how you calculate it, cost per serving, cost per weight, or cost per nutrition basis, fruits and vegetables beat out meat and junk food. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you easily change your food preferences. Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis clients repeatedly tell me that not only are they saving money, they are pleasantly amazed at how great their food tastes. Without all the fat, their taste buds come to life with the flavors of the food.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

When measured on a cost per serving, cost per weight, or cost per nutrition basis, fruits and vegetables beat out meat and junk food.

Most Americans don’t even meet the watered down Federal dietary recommendations, but is it because healthy foods are more expensive? Are healthy foods really more expensive? It depends on how you measure the price. For over a century the value of food has been measured cost per calorie. If you were a brick-maker in Massachusetts in 1894, you may have needed more than 8000 calories a day, so the emphasis was on cheap calories. So while beans and sugar both cost the same back then, 5 cents a pound, sugar beat out beans, for fuel value.

Of course food offers much more than just calories, but they can be excused for their ignorance, since vitamins and minerals hadn’t even been discovered yet. But even to this day, when the cost of foods are related to their nutritive value, the value they’re talking about is cheap calories. And when you rank foods like that, then indeed junk food and meat is cheaper per calorie than fruits and vegetables, but that doesn’t take serving size into account. If you measure foods in cost per serving… or cost per pound… fruits and vegetables are actually cheaper. For all metrics except the price of food calories, the USDA researchers found that healthy foods cost less than less healthy foods.

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Every 21 days you get all new taste buds. If you go 3 weeks without the food that makes you fat and sick, you will lose your taste for those foods. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you overcome your mental and emotional cravings and your unhealthy habits for fat, salt and sugar. With weight loss hypnosis, eating healthy food tastes better each day.

If you have been holding onto the mistaken belief that you can’t afford to eat healthy plant based food, think again. Not only can you improve your health and save money on your medical expenses, you can save at the grocery store.

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Each day healthy food tastes better to me.

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