Reduce emotional pain with mindfulnessAt the Seattle and Bainbridge offices of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC you can learn ways to reduce your emotional pain. Learn mindfulness based therapies to achieve a greater well-being that can be attained by overcoming negative thoughts and feelings. My goal is to teach you skills that help you accept the difficulties that come with life so that you can find equanimity. If you are struggling with mental and emotional pain, realize your thoughts and feelings for what they really are, like passing sensations or irrational things that you tell yourself – instead of what you think they are like feelings that will never end or factual truths. With mindfulness you can make life more manageable for you.

A Simple Mind Trick
that Reduces Emotional Pain

Psychology Today, Guy Winch, PhD, September 11, 2013: When we replay and analyze painful experiences in our minds, our natural tendency is to do so from a first-person or self-immersed perspective—where we see the scene unfolding through our own eyes. Using this perspective usually elicits significant emotional pain as it is makes us relive the experience. Ayduk and Krosss had participants replay emotionally painful memories from a third-person perspective—which involves visualizing ourselves within the scene as if we were watching it from the perspective of an outside observer.

How to Change Perspectives When Reflecting about Emotionally Painful Experiences

1. Make sure you are sitting or lying comfortably.
2. Recall the opening scene of the experience or memory.
3. Zoom out until you see yourself within the scene, then zoom out even further so you can see the scene unfold as if you were a stranger that happened to pass by.
4. Play out the scene while maintaining the third-person perspective.
5. Make sure to employ a third person perspective whenever you find yourself reflecting on the experience.

Read A Simple Mind Trick that Reduces Emotional Pain

No matter what may be going on in your life, the reality is that it is going on.  Accepting that it is can allow you to move forward. Obsessing, worrying and playing things over and over keep you stuck. Asking why can leave you helpless. Learn mindfulness techniques so that you can accept your reality and work with what you have so that you experience the fullness and vitality of life. Hope is possible for you.

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