5 Weight Loss Reasons To Love Brown RiceDr. Dennsis Burkitt’s F-Word Diet is his 1979 international bestseller Don’t Forget the Fibre in Your Diet. The famous surgeon Denis Burkitt suggests an explanation for why many of our most common and deadliest diseases were rare or even nonexistent in populations eating plant-based diets. If you want to learn about how to eat a healthy high fiber diet, my Dr. John McDougall’s Starch Solution classes are now available online.

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Dr. Burkitt’s F-Word Diet

“Many of the major and commonest diseases in modern Western culture are universally rare in third- world communities, were uncommon even in the United States until after World War l, yet are now common in anyone following the Western lifestyle,” so it’s not genetic, they’re lifestyle diseases, which means they must be potentially preventable.

Those eating the standard American diet have very high levels of all of these diseases —here are two examples—similar to the rates of disease in the ruling white class in apartheid Africa, whereas the rates in the Bantu population were very low. These native Africans ate the same three sisters diet of many Native Americans, a plant-based diet centered around corn, beans, and squash. In fact it was reported that cancer was so seldom seen in American Indians a century ago they were considered practically immune to both cancer—and heart disease. What is meant by “very low” rates? 1300 autopsied over 5 years in a bantu hospital and maybe one case of ischemic heart disease, our #1 killer.

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18 years ago I weighed 260 pounds. My blood pressure was high, my blood sugar was getting out of control. I lived on the SAD (Standard American Diet) and had the fat and disease to show for it. I learned about the high fiber (starch) plant based diet from John McDougall, M.D. I also had the opportunity to learn hypnosis for weight loss. On an average day today, I weigh about 144 pounds. My blood pressure and blood sugar are well with in very healthy ranges.

I never felt like I was on a diet and I love having parties in my mouth of whole grains, vegetables and fruit. When I was fat and sick, I ate a lot and never enjoyed it. Today, I savor each delicious bite. My book Becoming Slender For Life and it hypnosis CD set can support you at home in living a high fiber, plant based lifestyle.

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