Fast-Food-For-ThoughtI wrote a post about Fast Food For Thought in November 2007, but it seems appropriate to revisit this topic again. Even with new regulations, the labeling of fast foods is so deceptive – you really have to be on your toes. Learn hypnosis and end your desires for unhealthy fat-laden fast food.

Fast Food For Thought

How does a 370 calorie sandwich become more than 700 calories? Easy! Lesley Stahl ordered a 12″ sub at Subway. The 370 calories listed on the menu board were for a 6″ sub, so she had to double the calories in her head – and then look at their calorie brochure to discover that the mayo she asked for added another 110 calories. By the time she was done, her Subway sandwich totaled more than 700 calories!

Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating points out that even at Subway people can eat over half the calories for a day in just one meal. Some fast food meals have as much as 2200 calories – more than many adults should consume in one day. Some Starbucks drinks have more fat than a Big Mac! At a Subway one consumer thought his meal was 350 calories when in reality it was 1390 calories!

Watch Fast Food For Thought

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