Gratitude“Gratitude happens when some kindness exceeds expectations, when it is undeserved. Gratitude is a sort of laughter of the heart that comes about after some surprising kindness,” writes David Brooks. I love that. Part of my morning prayer and meditation time is to mentally rehearse being the greatest expression of myself. I consider living in gratitude with laughter in my heart to be a major part of that expression. At Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore you can learn mindfulness hypnosis so that you can live in gratitude with laughter in your heart.

The Structure of Gratitude

The New York Times, David Brooks: Gratitude is also a form of social glue. In the capitalist economy, debt is to be repaid to the lender. But a debt of gratitude is repaid forward, to another person who also doesn’t deserve it. In this way each gift ripples outward and yokes circles of people in bonds of affection. It reminds us that a society isn’t just a contract based on mutual benefit, but an organic connection based on natural sympathy — connections that are nurtured not by self-interest but by loyalty and service.

If you think that human nature is good and powerful, then you go around frustrated because the perfect society has not yet been achieved. But if you go through life believing that our reason is not that great, our individual skills are not that impressive, and our goodness is severely mottled, then you’re sort of amazed life has managed to be as sweet as it is. You’re grateful for all the institutions our ancestors gave us, like the Constitution and our customs, which shape us to be better than we’d otherwise be. Appreciation becomes the first political virtue and the need to perfect the gifts of others is the first political task.

G. K. Chesterton wrote:

“thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

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