Lose weight and gain your life

Do you want to lose weight and gain your life? I frequently hear phrases like this from people who are learning about my Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss program.

Kevin was one of those people. When I first met Kevin almost three years ago, he was obese. He had high blood pressure and he was diabetic. At Kevin’s free weight loss hypnosis consultation, he shared with me that Slender For Life™ was his last hope.

In twenty months, Kevin lost about 145 pounds and has kept if off. He is off all medications. At 58 years old, he has become an avid hiker and mountain biker.

Kevin attributes his success to the Greatest Expression of You process that he learned with Slender For Life™. I hadn’t seen Kevin for several months. He scheduled an appointment to “make his brain feel good” and mostly because he wanted me to know how well he is doing.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I’m gaining my life by being my best self.

Am I being my best self?

In Kevin’s first weight loss hypnosis session, I suggested that before he eats, he ask the question, “am I being my best self?” It was several weeks later before I began to teach him the steps of the Greatest Expression of You process.

From the very beginning, that question resonated with Kevin. He said that there were times while he was eating the bowl of ice cream, he was well aware that this behavior was less than his Best Self.

Kevin noticed that this awareness wasn’t his usual shame and guilt, it was just an awareness. He found that with this awareness, he was frequently emptying the bowl into the trash after having eaten only a few bites.

Kevin found this new behavior curious and wondered how long it would last. His past attempts at dieting were all miserable failures. When he came in for his consultation, he was demoralized and felt hopeless.

The question, “am I being my best self?” gave Kevin a sense of responsibility, power and choice. It was the beginning of Kevin choosing his thoughts, his behavior and even his emotions.

Kevin’s Best Self process

Even after twenty years of helping people make healthy lifestyle changes with hypnosis, I still get thrilled when people like Kevin glow with the excitement of success.

Kevin begins each morning reading his Greatest Expression and he meditates on it while brushing his teeth, shaving, showering and preparing for the day.

As he reads his Greatest Expression, he brings to mind the most joyful moments in his life which was the birth of his daughters. He focuses on the radiating warmth in his chest memorizes this feeling.

During his meditation, he Mentally Rehearses his day Joyfully being his Best Self and he expresses his gratitude for the changes he is making. Throughout the day he uses the Light Switch Self-hypnosis to remind himself who it is that he is becoming.

At the end of each day, Kevin takes Inventory of his day. Memorizing what he did really well and Mentally Rehearsing being his Best Self in the situations where he tripped up and fell from grace. Kevin swears this Inventory process helped him to prepare to “be” and to “do” differently when presented with similar situations that occurred later on.

 I gained my life

“Roger, I didn’t lose…. I gained my life!” Kevin exclaimed with tears of joy. “When I weighed 300 pounds, I came home from work exhausted. I make a sandwich, grab a bag of chips, open a beer and sit down in front of the TV. I only got up to eat and go to the bathroom.”

Kevin went on to talk about the depression he experienced, how much his body hurt and how exhausted he was. He hated himself, he was lonely and miserable. He was firing and wiring neuropathways of despair. This had become Kevin’s natural way of being. Just the mere thought of not eating ice cream created anxiety and the need for more. Kevin was addicted to despair.

With the Greatest Expression of You process, Kevin was able to fire and wire new neuropathways that supported Keven as he let go of the excess weight. Today, Kevin’s natural state is one of joy. He now looks forward to coming home and going to the gym or for a long walk.

Weekends are spent mountain biking or hiking. And, for the first time in many years, Kevin has started dating and loves having a “lady friend.” Several times Kevin said with much glee, “I gained my life!”

Remember that Kevin wondered how long this new behavior would last? Well, it has lasted for almost three years. I’m betting that Kevin is Slender For Life™!

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