I crawled out of bed for my morning bike ride at 5:20 AM, looked out the window and saw the gray sky.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t blue sky and sunshine, but living in the northwest, it’s to be expected – the temperature was a warm 60 degrees which is perfect for cycling.  I got on my bike shorts and jersey and then took Luna out to do her duty – much to my surprise  – it was drizzling!  I wasn’t expecting that.  My immediate thought was to forget the ride, but I was dressed, all I had left to do was get on my shoes & helmet, check the air and go.  I overcame my initial reaction to bag it and left.

The drizzle became more of a mist and it was becoming more difficult to see through the water on my glasses. As I rode I thought about the times when I was training for a marathon and how I would run in the pouring rain. But today, I am not training for a big bike ride. This ride was more for pleasure.  My thoughts ran with the fact that I ride in the rain in the winter, but this is August and I want blue sky and sunshine!

With no clear goal in mind, I just didn’t have the motivation to do my usual route.  I cut it short and came back early.  I wasn’t committed. I see that with so many clients.  They kinda want to reach a goal, but they are not committed. To reach your goal you need compelling motivation. I didn’t have it today.