I have talked with hundreds of people over the years in my office, on the phone and on the streets about weight loss.  Many people come to me for a consultation and most of those choose Slender For Life.People don’t sign up for various reasons.  Occasionally it’s cost, sometimes it’s having to change how they eat, sometimes it’s the fear of failure and once in a while it is because we did not establish rapport – that trust and bond between client and therapist.

There are so many weight loss programs and so much conflicting information.  How do you know what program is right for you? First, remember that the only way you, or anyone else loses weight is that you must burn more calories than you take in.  To keep the weight off, you must burn what you are taking in.  If anyone tells you differently – RUN!!  There is no magic pill.

Weight loss requires lifestyle changes.  This means changing what you eat, how much you eat and how active you are. Yes, you must stop eating greasy fried foods, end the trips for the baked goods and you must exercise.  YES, YOU MUST EXERCISE!  (Our bodies were made to move!)

Now, before you start any weight loss program, see your health care provider.  Discuss what impact any medications you may be taking have on your ability to lose weight, discuss if there are any dietary restrictions and if there are any restrictions on physical activity.  (If there are restriction, find out what exercise you can do). When checking out a weight loss program, be sure to find out about:

  1. The success rate and how it is measured.  (I consider success as having maintained goal weight for two years or more).
  2. How your behavior will be modified for the rest of your life.
  3. How this program will be personalized just for you.
  4. How you will be educated about healthy eating, you may think you already know it all, but this is an important issue.
  5. Exercise and what you can healthfully do and what you are willing (and not willing) to do.
  6. How will you be assisted in dealing with stress and emotional eating.
  7. Overall time obligation to the program each week.  Are you willing to make this weight loss program a priority in your life?
  8. Any requirements to purchase packaged food (Jenny Craig & NutriSystem) or supplements.
  9. How many sessions will you be attending, are they individual or group sessions?
  10. What, if any guarantees are made.  If you put weight back on one, two or three years after reaching your goal weight, will there be support for you?

Be sure that you know the qualifications of the staff and that you know who will be working with you.  If the program uses hypnosis, are the hypnosis sessions live or are they pre-recorded?

Slender For Lifeis a multi-session program and my goal is to stay with you throughout the time it takes for you to release the excess weight. There are hypnosis programs that offer one or two weight-loss sessions, but I always tell people to run when they hear that.  Here is the deal, I can send someone out my door after one session for stop smoking and have them be smoke free for the rest of their life.  But those of us with food issues don’t have that luxury.  Forever, we will be dealing with the sight, the sound, the smell, the taste, the holiday, social, and religious aspects of food.  We do not have the luxury of never eating again.  Personally, I consider food to be the most difficult addiction to work with.  But I also know that with hypnosis, you can take back the power you gave to food, people, life, work events and circumstances and reach your goal weight and Become Slender For Life.

Remember, there is no quick fix.  Plan on letting go of one to two pounds each week  That is two to four ounces each day.  You can do that!