Throughout your day you can take a few moments and relax to help your immune system. Mindfulness hypnosis has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve emotional stability and sleep quality. The “relaxation response,”alters the physical and emotional response to stress and can be achieved through a variety of mindful centering practices.

Relaxation Gene Response:

What Yoga, Meditation And Other Stress-Busting Activities Do To The Body

The Huffington Post | By Carolyn Gregoire, May 5, 2013: Recent research showed that yoga is able to change the expression of genes involved in immune functioning, and now a new study shows that relaxation in general can have a similar effect.

The “relaxation response,” a term coined by Harvard Medical School Professor and Body Mind Medical Institute founder Herbert Benson, M.D, is defined as a physiologic state of deep rest that alters the physical and emotional response to stress. The relaxation response is the opposite of the body’s “fight-or-flight” response to stress, and can be achieved by centering practices like yoga, prayer, meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Previous studies have shown that the relaxation response can alleviate anxiety and lower the heart rate, among other health benefits. And in this new study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers are able to actually measure bodily changes induced by the relaxation response by examining alterations in gene expression.

Researchers found differences in gene expression from the blood samples taken before the relaxation course, and the blood samples from after the relaxation course and the “long-term” relaxers. Specifically, they found that changes in gene expression of the energy metabolism, insulin and stress-related pathways.

And another relaxation-inducing practice, mindfulness meditation, has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in adolescents, and improve emotional stability and sleep quality.

Read Relaxation Gene Response:

How you respond to the stressors in your life is your choice. The relaxation response not only alleviates symptoms of psychological disorders such as anxiety but also affects physiologic factors such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption and brain activity. You too can learn mindfulness hypnosis and relax frequently throughout each and every day.

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