At my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ I know that kids should get moving to avoid childhood obesity. And, as I have written previously, children are naturals at hypnosis for weight loss. With children, weight loss is a family affair – so get the family out and exercise!

Reuters Health on November 27, 2009, wrote  that: “Vigorous exercise may be an especially good way to keep kids lean, but sitting around, in and of itself, doesn’t appear to have a major role in making them fat, new research shows.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of reasons to avoid too much sedentary “screen time,” given potential negatives including violence and aggressive behavior, poor academic performance, and poor body image.

Based on the findings, the researchers say, children should still be encouraged to limit their sedentary time, but this alone won’t be enough to tackle childhood obesity.

For most health outcomes, the more activity you do the better. People who do lots of strenuous activity may still put on too much weight if they take in too many calories.” SOURCE: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, November 2009. Read the full story: Kids Should Get Moving To Avoid Obesity.

Slender For Life™ families are encouraged to model physical exercise and and to be physically active together. After all, ending childhood obesity has to be a family affair.

In my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices I teach children and their families hypnosis for weight loss so that they have a life-long tool that can be used for weight loss and in all other areas of their life. My book Becoming Slender For Life guides you and your family with weight loss hypnosis.

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My family is healthy, happy and active.

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