According to an article in the Spring-Summer 2011 Good Medicine, vegetarian diets are better for kidney patients. Dairy, fish, poultry and animal proteins are all very hard on healthy kidneys too. At Slender For Life™ we recommend the plant-based eating strategy recommended by Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Neal Barnard at the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Clients who learn hypnosis find it easier to switch from a high-fat diet to a diet of plant-based real food. Self-hypnosis can help you with your health.

Vegetarian Diets Better for Kidney Patients

Vegetarian diets are healthier for kidney patients, compared with animal-based diets, according to a recent study in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. Patients who followed vegetarian diets had lower serum phosphorous levels, compared with those who consumed meat. Maintaining normal phosphorous levels is critical for patients with chronic kidney disease and is typically controlled by restricting intake.

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Dr. John McDougall says that “Fats and cholesterol in the diet promote atherosclerosis in the kidney arteries, which is one of the leading causes for failing kidneys. Add to this diabetes or high blood pressure and you invite almost certain kidney trouble by eating too well, but not at all wisely.

Among the most subtle and important of the many toxic threats to the kidneys are the excess amounts of proteins that are consumed by the average person who eats our rich American foods. The daily intake of more proteins than the body really needs means that the excess must be eliminated through the kidneys. We’re equipped with no storage depots for proteins, as we are for fats.” Read more of what John McDougall, M.D. says about kidney disease.

Be responsible for your own healthcare and learn self-hypnosis. With hypnosis you can end your cravings and desires for fat and have healthy cravings for plant-based meals.

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