At Slender For Life™ I know that when it comes to health and weight loss, food matters. I also know that diets don’t work. With hypnosis for weight loss, you can take the weight off and be fit and Slender For Life™.

Today, it is possible, and quite common, for people to be both overweight and malnourished. Between 1977 and 2002, the percent of the American population eating three or more snacks a day — and most of it junk food — increased to 42% from 11%. The percent of children surveyed who said they had eaten three meals on the previous day went down, while those who had had a snack went up more than 40%.

American children get 40% of their calories from food of poor nutritional quality. The U.S. consumed over $68 billion in packaged snack foods in 2008, up from $60 billion in 2004. The number one source of calories in the United States is high fructose corn syrup which will accelerate your progress towards degenerative diseases, and make you fat.

At Slender For Life™ I am known for saying it’s not about the food. By that I mean that binge eating of carrots isn’t much better than binging on cookies – we must dealt with the mental and emotional issues as well.  However, as Hippocrates said, “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food.”

With hypnosis for weight loss at Slender For Life™ clients create a healthy relationship with themselves and with food.

I just discovered Food Matters, I encourage you to take a look around.

Hypnosis for weight loss really can work. No matter where you live,together we can create a weight loss program for you.

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Food is my medicine and my medicine is food.

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