This weeks hypnosis MP3 download is Weight Loss Social Situations, which is one of the many hypnosis recordings in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. Eating with family, friends, business associates and in other social situations can challenge anyone trying to lose weight. Weight Loss Social Situations can help you survive your tribal feast and stay on course with your weight loss goal.

Weight Loss
Social Situations

Imagine yourself sitting with your friends. Perhaps you are in a restaurant or in a home. It is a happy, festive get-together, and everyone is talking. Hear the laughter. Feel your body resting into the chair. Look around you and see and smell the fresh cut flowers decorating the table. The table is covered with all kinds of foods—some are fatty, greasy foods, while others are light and fresh. Every type of food is within your reach. And as you look up and hear the laughter, remember why you are here. You have come to enjoy yourself, to enjoy the good company and the conversation, and to laugh. It really isn’t about the food or how much and how fast can you eat.

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Length: 22:37 Only $12.97

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I remember that social situations are about being with people.

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