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Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables!

When I saw The Duplex I laughed and I cried. I see so many over weight and unhealthy people eating junk food. Recently, Marilyn and I went to the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle and saw an amazing production of Mame. I loved it – I love the story of Mame and for many years have dug out my videos of the movies to watch on a rainy winter day. At intermission, I watched with fascination from the second floor of the lobby as many very overweight and obese people were lined up at the food bar buying muffins, cookies, M & M’s, parfaits, potato chips and that liquid candy called Pepsi.Now, I’ll admit it, I was kind of hungry. We had chosen to eat at home which meant that we ate at 5:00 so that we could get dressed, get to the ferry, walk on the ferry and get up to the theatre. So by the 9:15 intermission, I was kinda hungry. For dinner we had left over cabbage rolls that Marilyn had made for our Valentines dinner – they are really good! But I mostly had had vegetables and not much rice …. as I stood their and watched and commented to Marilyn about being hungry, she acknowledged that she was too and asked if I wanted to share a cookie. I looked at the cookies wrapped in plastic (a real turn off for me) and all I could see was sugar and thought about how I’d have a quick buzz, crash and get sleepy and still be hungry … so “no, thanks“.

We watched the second act and rushed off to catch the 11:15 ferry home to be in bed by 12:30 …. still slightly hungry, but with no desire to eat at that hour.

Years ago, before hypnotherapy, I would have been eating the awful cookies, fattening muffins and looking for a Coke. Because of hypnosis, I really do crave and enjoy vegetables and whole grains and usually do not end up hungry. When I do, like that night at the theatre, it’s my own fault … just didn’t think ahead. With self-hypnosis, I am in control, I am at choice … not the fat and sugar.

I hope you have the chance to see Mame on stage, if not, go rent the DVD, and eat your vegetables!