You can cancer proof your body by eating plant strong food. Just two weeks on a plant based diet appears to significantly enhance cancer defenses against breast cancer and colon cancer cells. The blood of those eating a vegan diet for a year suppresses cancer cell growth nearly eight times better than people who eat the standard American diet. The self hypnosis that is taught to clients at Roger Moore’s Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis can support you in making and maintaining healthy life style changes.

Cancer-Proofing Your Body

Pritikin’s work has continued though his research foundation, which has really done some elegant work: they put people on different diets, drip their blood on cancer cells growing in a petri dish and just stand back and see whose blood is better at suppressing cancer growth.

They were among the ones that published that study showing the blood of those on a vegan diet was dramatically less hospitable to cancer. Even the blood of those on a standard American diet fights cancer; if it didn’t everyone would be dead. It’s just that the blood of those eating vegan fights about 8 times better.

The blood of those on the standard American diet slows cancer growth rate down about 9%. Put people on a plant-based diet for a year, though, and their blood just tears it up. The blood circulating within the bodies of vegans has nearly 8 times the stopping power when it comes to cancer cell growth.

What kind of blood do we want in our body, what kind of immune system? Do we want blood that just kind of rolls over when cancer cells pop up, or do we want blood circulating to every nook and cranny of our body that has the power to slow down and stop them?

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Eating vegan is well documented for cancer prevention. Self hypnosis can help you make healthy lifestyle changes. Eat plant based food and take an active part in your health and wellness. Learn hypnosis now to change your life and improve your health.

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