Diet or Exercise?
It’s What You Eat

For almost 20 years I’ve been going to the same gym early in the morning to work out. I’ve seen many people come and go and there are my peeps that have been there for as long as me.

I’ve had many conversations about diet and exercise. Everyday I see overweight people exercising. That excites me and a big hat tip to them. I truly honor and applaud their commitment to health.

Sometimes, someone will express their frustration to me about how hard they work out and yet they are still getting fatter. Yes, they are also gaining muscle, but their percentage of body fat continues to climb.

I explain to them that exercise is important, but to lose weight, you have to change what you are eating. Weight loss and the Standard American Diet are not compatible.

Slender For Life™

You too can become Slender For Life™. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to eat only when you are hungry, to make healthy food choices, stop eating when you have eaten enough and increase your desire to be more active.

Most of my life, I was overweight or obese. I too tried to exercise away the fat while I continued to eat burgers, fries, chocolate malts, chips, Coke and Snickers. Guess what?! I too gained more weight.

Weight loss hypnosis really does work. I know because after a lifetime of obesity, I lost about 115 pounds over 20 years ago and I have kept it off with healthy eating and exercise.

My weight loss wasn’t because of the exercise. Being more active helped, but it was the healthy nutritional lifestyle that hypnosis for weight loss helped me to achieve that allowed me to lose weight and keep it off.


Are You Ready to Become
Slender For Life™?

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I eat whole plant-based food to lose weight and strengthen my body with exercise.

Diet or Exercise

UC Davis Integrative Medicine, By Rosane Oliveira on July 20, 2016: “Fitness and Fat Are Both Climbing… No doubt about it… physical activity is on the rise.

Our fitness-crazed cultures in the US and beyond see more and more of us lacing up our running/walking shoes or joining gyms and cross-training programs.

Despite the fact we are exercising more, we are still—steadily— gaining weight.

Simply put, obesity has to be prevented or reversed by diet.

By what we put in our mouths.

Not how many hours we devote to the gym.

A recent study put 81 healthy but overweight women who had not exercised for a year on a new exercise regimen designed to improve cardiovascular health. Importantly, they were explicitly instructed not to change their eating habits for 12 weeks. –

The results were startling.

70% gained weight — some as much as 10 pounds.
The weight gained was from fat, not from added muscle.
A smaller percentage of participants did not lose any weight at all.

In sum, their cardiovascular fitness improved, but it did not lead to weight loss.

This is not to say that exercise does not play a role in weight loss. Exercise appears to contribute to long-term weight loss results—but only when used in combination with a healthful diet.

So, if you are looking to lose weight or control it, you need to pay attention to what you are eating!

So eat—not exercise—your way to a healthy weight.” Read Diet or Exercise

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