Hypnosis for Habit Change

You know those bad habits you’ve been wanting to change? Hypnosis help is here for you!

Yesterday I wrote about rituals. Rituals are behaviors you purposefully preform because they have meaning to you. Habits are the mindless behaviors like eating when your stressed, smoking a cigarette or cursing.

Neuroscience teaches us that neurons that fire together wire together. In other words, when you repeat the same old habits like chewing your nails, the repetition hard-wires your brain circuits. The behavior becomes automatic and just what you do.

Hypnosis can help you to stop those unwanted and unhealthy habits.

Since 1997, Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore has been helping people create lasting habit changes to improve mental, emotional and physical health.

Change Your Habits

As I have been writing this post I was trying to think of a habit that hypnosis could not help. I can’t. There isn’t a single habit that I can think of that hypnosis cannot help you to change.

Over the years I have taught self-hypnosis to hundreds of people across the US and in several countries so that they can end habits that did not serve them.

With hypnosis you can change unhealthy habits such as; eating habits, smoking, chewing tobacco, nail biting, chewing on a pen or pencil, swearing, staying up too late, TV, video games and what ever other habits that you may want to change.

Create Good Habits with Hypnosis

You too can create healthy new habits.

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Habits Leave a Lasting Mark on Brain Circuits, Pushing Us to Feed Our Cravings

Medindia, Dr. Trupti Shirole on January 24, 2016: “A new study has elucidated how habits like sugar and other vices manifest in the brain and refuse to take leave. Researchers revealed that a habit leaves a lasting mark on specific circuits in the brain, pushing us to feed our cravings.

“One day, we may be able to target these circuits in people to help promote habits that we want and kick out those that we don’t want,” said Nicole Calakos, an associate professor at the Duke University in North Carolina, in the US.

An addiction to one thing can make a person more likely to engage in other unhealthy habits or addictions as well, the findings revealed. ” Read Habits Leave a Lasting Mark on Brain Circuits, Pushing Us to Feed Our Cravings

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I create habits that support my well-being.

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