Raisin Meditation

I was surfing the net and came across several interesting You Tube videos on weight loss – one of them being Eating Mindfully. It interested me because in almost every weight loss session I talk with clients about eating consciously – mindfully – about being present and conscious in their body. I love seeing hypnosis on the internet. Hypnotherapy can change lives but is too often misunderstood.

As I watched Eating Mindfully and Mindful Eating, I was reminded of a raisin meditation that I sometimes use with weight loss clients. Here, try it out: Go and get one raisin, a piece of paper and a pen.

Get comfortable and bring the raisin up to your nose and inhale …notice the sweet fragrance of a raisin.  Look at it for a moment …. is it black …. brown …. yellow ….?

Put the single raisin in your mouth but do not chew it or swallow until you are directed.

As the raisin lays in your mouth, notice if the raisin is warm or cold …. notice the texture …….. notice the rough edges and notice the smooth surfaces …… the flavor ……. notice the subtleties of the flavor.

Bite down once into the raisin and hold it between your teeth …. notice the sweetness … notice your thoughts …. your emotions ….. notice your breathing. As you separate your teeth …. now what do you notice about the texture? Notice how the texture changes as you chew.  Are you aware of how warm the raisin has become? Has it become more juicy?

Notice any anxiety or stress you may feel by not swallowing …. what is that about?

Slowly finish chewing and when the raisin is all but dissolved, go ahead and swallow.

Now write about your experience. If eating too fast is one of your behaviors – why do you do that? What happens when you eat slowly? Do you experience anxiety? What would it be like if you were the slowest eater at a meal?

Using hypnosis, you can change your behavior and eat consciously. I encourage Slender For Life™ clients to use the one minute Light Switch self-hypnosis technique before each meal. By using hypnotherapy you can get present and conscious in your body and eat mindfully …. consciously …. savoring each and every bite …. eating only enough to meet your bodies nutritional requirements ….