You really can enjoy special holiday food and lose weight. At the Bainbridge Island and Seattle weight loss offices of  Slender For Life™ we often talk about surviving the holidays and maintaining weight loss goals. With hypnosis for weight loss, it can be easy for you to make it to January 3 and lose weight between now and then. Weight loss hypnosis can make the difference for you.

It is important that you remember that an meal like Thanksgiving dinner is a single meal event. Enjoy the special holiday food at the meal and then be done with them. You don’t have to have pumpkin pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next three days.

When at a holiday event such as Thanksgiving dinner or other holiday party, look at the special foods and think about what it is there that is truly special and take some of the special food. To me, potatoes and lettuce are not special. I eat salad almost every day and potatoes several times a week. So, I will skip the potatoes and salad at Thanksgiving and have the bread dressing from the Stuffed Pumpkin and pumpkin pie and pecan pie too. But, I stop eating when my body tells me I have eaten enough. I don’t gorge – not even at Thanksgiving. (Self-hypnosis makes that pretty easy to do.) At a holiday party skip the carrots and have the holiday cookie. But, you don’t eat holiday cookies every day – only at the party.

Remember that Thanksgiving is not about how much food can you possibly consume in 15 minutes or less. It is about expressing your gratitude for all that is right in your life. When you are at the Thanksgiving table, talk, laugh, listen, chew slowly, taste and savor the food. Put your fork down between bites. Appreciate your family and friends. Give thanks for the abundance in your life.

Plan out your weight loss goals for the holidays. is it your intent to lose 2 pounds each week? Maybe it is 1 pound. Maybe you maintain over Thanksgiving weekend and then let go of 2 pounds each week until December 23 and then maintain until January 3. Plan it out, set yourself up for success.

Stay calm and relaxed through the holidays. Use the stress reduction tools here at Hypnosis Health Info to support you. Listen to Orange Blossom frequently and stay relaxed when dealing with family, shopping and traffic. (Orange Blossom is a free 27 minute MP3 hypnosis download for stress reduction).

Weight loss hypnosis can help you make it through the holidays and lose weight. You can lose weight between Thanksgiving and January 3 when you use hypnosis for weight loss. At Slender For Life™ clients learn self-hypnosis so that they can enjoy the holiday food and lose weight.

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I enjoy the holidays and I continue with my weight loss goals.

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