I was thrilled beyond belief when I heard aboriginal singer Jimmy Little talking about healthy food and his Thumbs Up Program. Jimmy has diabetes from eating the unhealthy Western diet and drinking liquid candy like Coke. Today, he understands the importance of eating vegetables, grains and fruit as did his ancestors and he is educating children and their parents on dangers of our Western diet. Hypnosis for weight loss can make you a champion for healthy food.

Aboriginal Singer Jimmy Little Now A Champion For Healthy Food

The kids at Ramingining got together during a Jimmy Little Thumbs Up! workshop to create and record the Good Food Song with the help of Uncle Jimmy and workshop facilitator Shellie Morris. You can see some of the adults joining in the fun too.

The Jimmy Little Thumbs Up! program is targeted to young people aged 5 to 16 in an effort to close the gap on Indigenous health where Aboriginal people are 12 times more likely to fall victim to diabetes than non-Indigneous Australians. During the workshop, new media is used to pass healthy lifestyle messages to students and community members. Language is used in many places as workshop participants create and record songs with the message Good Tucker leads to a Long Life. Videos are produced and given back to the community to keep the messages alive and hopefully stop so many Aboriginal Australians suffering from diabetes. Remember, Thumbs Up for healthy tucker!

Listen to Jimmy Little on PRI’s The World
(Wednesday, August 3, 2011)

Aboriginal Singer Jimmy Little Now A Champion For Healthy Food

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. How exciting to see school kids singing and dancing to promote healthy food. In most cases diabetes is preventable and often reversible by eating a plant-based diet. Hypnosis for weight loss can hep your whole family become champions for healthy food. Children and teens are naturals at weight loss hypnosis.

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