Let food be thy medicine

I thought about doing a count on how many times I’ve written a post about let food be thy medicine. When I searched that phrase here at Hypnosis Health Info, there are more than 19 pages. I decided to let it go at that.

On multiple occasions I have compared dairy and animal fats (chicken, fish, beef and pork) to rat poison. How much rat poison would it take to make you sick. Could you tolerate on little piece? I can’t imagine that you would even put one piece into your mouth – and please don’t!

As Dr. Michael Greger said, “Instead of going from high risk to high risk, better to go to low risk, or no risk.”

Here at Hypnosis Health Info I teach you the tools so that you can create a large amount of no desire for the foods that make you fat and sick. Please call or email me and let me know how to support you.

When Low Risk Means High Risk

Michael Greger, M.D.: ”

In a sick population like ours where nearly everyone is eating lots of saturated fat and cholesterol, adding some more saturated fat and cholesterol in the form of eggs may just take us from one sorry state—probably dying from heart disease—to another sorry state—still probably dying from heart disease.

So when the federal guidelines say we need to really restrict dietary cholesterol if we’re at high risk for heart disease, we need to realize that nearly all Americans that live past middle age are at high risk of dying from heart disease—it’s our #1 cause of death. A 20-year old man might feel it would be safe to smoke and eat egg yolks, because his heart attack is 45 years or so in the future – but why would he want to accelerate the progression of his atherosclerotic plaque to bring it on sooner? Stopping egg yolks after the heart attack would be like quitting smoking after lung cancer is diagnosed.”

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I eat no risk foods.

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