Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore ~ Celebrating 25 years!

WOW! Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore ~ Celebrating 25 years! I went into private practice on Bainbridge Island January 3, 1997. That first week I had two clients. In a few weeks, my client schedule was full and over the past 25 years, I have had the honor of supporting several thousand people worldwide to create lasting change in their lives.

I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to listen to the stories that people have shared. To laugh with them as they shared their joys and shed tears when sorrows were unveiled. You shared with me so many abundant gifts.

Many of the children I saw in those early years are now contacting me for help with their own children.

To all of you who have entrusted me with a piece of your life’s journey, I thank you. I am humbled and honored. You have taught me so much and I am forever grateful.


Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

Thank you, God, for the abundant gifts you provide for me every day.

Office history 1997 – 1999

  • January 3, 1997, when I opened my dream office at the Strawberry Cannery on Cannery Cove, Bainbridge Island. The cannery was an old building that was being converted to offices. I loved it – my office on pier out over the water. Six days later on January 9, the Cannery burnt to the water and I lost everything but two Mickey Mouse coasters (I still have them).
  • February 3, 1997, I moved into an upstairs office on Madrone Lane above the Fornter Book Store (now Black Bird Bakery).
  • April 1997, I began seeing clients one day each week in a 16th floor chiropractic office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle.
  • May 1997, I started having phone sessions with people in several states in the U.S.
  • October 1999, I opened my own office on the 14th floor of the Medical Dental Building. I was there two days each week and three days on Bainbridge.

Office history 1999 – today

  • February 1, 2005, I moved my Bainbridge office from Madrone Land to the Garden Plaza at 345 Knechtel Way.
  • April, 2010, my 14th floor Medical Dental office moved to the 15th floor.
  • November 2013, I had my first online client session.
  • December 31, 2018, I closed both the Seattle and Bainbridge Island offices and moved to the Coachella Valley, CA.
  • March 2019, I opened an office in Palm Desert, CA. Within 6 weeks, my practice was again full. (50% was in person and 50% online)
  • March 2020, due to COVID, I permanently closed the Palm Desert office and began a 100% online practice.
  • January 2022, I meet with people online worldwide using, a secure HIPAA compliant platform that’s similar to Zoom and FaceTime. There is nothing to download to use, just click on the link I provide to you, enter your name and I welcome you in to our session.

Transition from in-person to online

The transition from an in-person practice to all online has been surprisingly smooth. One of the silver linings to COVID is that telehealth has become normal. And, my clients love it. They don’t have to get dressed up, get in the car, drive to my office and then return home from their session.

Today, I meet with people online worldwide from their home, office, RV, car, hotel room or wherever they may be. 

Since January 2, 1997
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Celebrating 25 years of Medical Hypnosis with Roger Moore

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