Salt Spring Island, Labor Day 2010

This week I will be featuring the Prologue from the updated 2nd Edition of Becoming Slender For Life. I am on vacation this week backpacking in the Olympic Mountains with my son. I will not be answering the phone or email this week. I am sharing the prologue for all who have the first edition of my book. Over time, I will share all the updates and editions. Have a safe and fun and healthy Labor Day.

Prologue To The Second Edition

It is a rainy Labor Day in 2010, and I sit at the very same table in a rental cottage on the south end of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, where three years ago I wrote the first edition of Becoming Slender For Life. It’s difficult to believe it’s already been three years and yet so much has happened. Many people have read my book and the response has been so supportive.

Clients’ comments have deeply touched my heart, as they’ve shared how much Becoming Slender For Life has meant to them. I receive emails from strangers telling me that for the first time they feel like they do have a chance of living at their goal weight. The exercises in Chapter Four seem to speak directly to the heart and open the door for long-lasting change. And chapter Seven has helped many folks continue on toward their goal at a moment when they were ready to give up. I love receiving your emails sharing your journey to your goal weight, so please, keep them coming.

In May of 2009, Becoming Slender For Life was honored with the coveted Pen & Quill Award by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association. I am humbled and truly grateful to have my book chosen for this distinction.

I am more passionate now than ever about assisting people to lose weight. We have a global obesity pandemic that is preventable. Nearly one in three (32%, 23 million) American Children are obese or overweight. More than 80% of these children will likely be obese as adults. According to the World Health Organization, obesity is the top health problem in the world, overtaking AIDS. As a species, we are now 7 billion pounds overweight! At current rates, by 2015, 75% of Americans will be overweight and 41% will be classified as obese.

To be continued tomorrow….

Prologue To The Second Edition

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