Tune in today at 3:00 PM to KKNW 1150 AM as I interview business coach Molly Gordon on her new book, The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur. Molly writes “Every day that I work for myself is a day I come face to face with – well, with me. Sometimes that’s really fun, sometimes it verges on the horrific. It is always educational.”

This sure sounds like Slender For Life™.  I tell clients that first they must change their relationship with their self and then their relationship with food. Molly Gordon‘s writing about self-employment naturally reflects losing weight, stopping smoking or any other challenge that each of us sets out to change.

 “Working for myself also means that everything is distorted through the projector that is my mind. That’s not a problem, at least now when I remember that Reality is always kinder than any stressful thoughts I have about it.”

So much of Molly Gordon‘s teachings couple together with self-hypnosis beautifully. Using hypnosis we can change the way we view things and end our stressful thoughts.

“Everything good that has ever happened to me came in spite of my efforts. Everything that has gone wrong has my fingerprints all over it.”

Hypnotherapy and self-employment go hand in hand. We can either feed ourselves negative thoughts and create negativity or we can use positive suggestions and create great things.

Tune in and listen to Molly Gordon and buy The Way of the Accindental Entrepreneur.