Foods-high-in-fiber-lower-cancer-riskAccording to the American Institute of Cancer Research, foods high in dietary fiber convincingly lower the risk of certain cancers. Dietary fiber seems to protect against colorectal cancer by adding bulk and diluting any harmful substances in the gut, speeding out their passage. Additionally, several population studies link whole grains with lower levels of inflammation and insulin resistance, which links to cancer development.

You can learn self hypnosis and increase your desire for nutrient dense foods that are high in fiber while eliminating the calorie dense foods that make you fat and sick.

The Cancer Research

The wide variety of whole grains makes it challenging to pinpoint how this food group reduces cancer risk, which it does. All whole grains contain fiber. There are several ways fiber may lower risk, including diluting potential carcinogens and promoting healthful bacteria growth. Whole grains may also help with weight control; excess body fat increases the risk of eight cancers. Brown rice, oatmeal and other whole grains are also good sources of selenium, a mineral that has antioxidant properties.

Each type of whole grain also contains a variety of phytochemicals, many being studied for their cancer protective effects.

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My post yesterday was Doctor promotes radical plant based diet to fix hearts. The evidence supporting eliminating chicken, fish, beef, pork and all dairy from your life is convincing. For more than 100 years studies have promoted plant based food for your health.

Sadly, the beef and dairy councils continue to blast the media with claims that lead to disease and obesity. Learn self hypnosis and be slender and healthy!

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I love eating nutrient dense, high fiber foods.

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