Remember this Thanksgiving to eat slowly and to give thanks
for the abundance in your life.

I had the honor of giving a talk at to the Biggest Loser group at Health First Fitness in Forks, WA, (sorry Twilight fans, no vampires this trip). We got to talking about celebrating Thanksgiving by remembering that this meal is about giving thanks. It is about communion with family and friends. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving dinner often looks like how much food can one consume in 10 minutes or less. My challenge to you is to make this Thanksgiving different. Engage the people at your table in conversation. Listen to them. Ask them to share their blessing with you and tell them about what you are grateful for. Make this Thanksgiving meal last an hour. Enjoy the people, enjoy the food and stop eating when your body tells you it’s had enough.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I give thanks.

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