It is exciting to know that obese kids who lose weight may cut the risk of heart disease. Childhood obesity is in most cases preventable but sadly obesity is occurring in our kids at an epidemic rate. Preventing or ending childhood obesity has to be a family affair. By that I mean that the entire family should be eating healthy and be physically active. I have been amazed in my Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices how quickly kids will change their eating habits from processed food, fast food, candy and soda to a plant-based diet. Children are naturals at hypnosis and with instruction learn how to change their eating preferences. They want to be plant-strong, they become more active and improve in school. Are you ready to eat plant strong so that your kids can be at a healthy weight and cut the risk of heart disease?

Obese Kids Who Lose Weight May Cut Heart Risk, Too

Study Shows Benefits for Heart Health in Obese Children Who Lose Weight Before Adulthood

WebMD Health News, November 16, 2011: Obese children who manage to get to a healthy weight before they reach adulthood have the same risk for heart disease and other obesity-related diseases as kids who were never overweight, new research shows.

Investigators looked at information from four large studies that followed children into adulthood in an effort to determine if childhood obesity necessarily leads to an increase in heart and stroke risk as an adult. They found little evidence of a long-term health impact associated with early obesity among adults who had been able to get back to a normal weight.

While this finding was encouraging, there was a not-so-surprising discouraging finding as well: Most obese children became obese adults, and their risk for heart attacks, stroke, and diabetes was much higher than their normal-weight counterparts.
This is the first time it has been shown that obesity as early as the age of 3 may not have long-term health consequences in children who are able to lose the weight before adulthood.

But only about 20% of obese children were normal weight as adults, compared to about 85% of children who were not overweight or obese. This illustrates the importance of doing as much as we can to prevent childhood obesity.

Compared to people whose weight was normal over the entire time of the studies, those who remained obese from childhood to adulthood had a fivefold greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. They also had a nearly threefold greater risk for developing high blood pressure and a twofold greater risk for having low HDL “good” cholesterol.

Obese children who became obese adults also had nearly two times the risk for plaque buildup in the neck arteries — a major cause of stroke.

Read Obese Kids Who Lose Weight May Cut Heart Risk, Too

Kids at Slender For Life™ learn hypnosis for weight loss and use these tools for their school work, sports, music and other activities. One parent recently said that he wished he had known how to use self hypnosis when he was in grade school. He want on to say that had he know how to use hypnotherapy at that age and used it, he could have made his life easier. Your kids will eat plant-strong, but will you?

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