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Valentine’s Day is almost here and here is more from Frankie Pérez. In his article, Re-Inventing Cupid, Frankie writes: “Betty Berzon is a psychotherapist and author of many books on relationship.  During a lecture she was asked what she thought was the secret of her 25 year-old relationship.  She answered “getting into a relationship with someone healthier than I am”.  A relationship is only as healthy as its least healthy component.  We make the mistake of falling in love with the potential we see in another and we set out to change them to fit our idea of who they ought to be.  We think we can fix them or mold them into who and what we want.  We ignore all kind or red flags vying for time until we can work our transformational magic.  Or, we give in to a co-dependent tendency to put their needs before ours, thinking that we will be the one who’ll save them from themselves.  Somehow we’ve bought into the idea that someone healthy is not fun, exciting, or sexy.  We equate healthy with dull and boring.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  It is a fallacy to think that a healthy partner will be lacking in excitement.  Healthy is sexy!  Once we begin to get healthier ourselves, we will begin to choose partners that are healthier as well.  Do not make the mistake of falling for the untapped potential you may see in another.  It is not your job to help them achieve it.  Your job is to find someone who is healthy now – and that includes finding the healthy you!

Are ready to heal an existing relationship or are wanting to do your part in attracting a healthy relationship? If so, then contact the Seattle hypnosis office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC. You can be healthy and be sexy by learning how to hypnotize yourself. Learn self-hypnosis and live by your values.

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