Here is another reason why we should be teaching all children self-hypnosis. In the December 25, 2007 Seattle PI AP reporter David Runk wrote that a startling number of parents may be in denial about their youngster’s weight.

A survey found that many Americans whose children are obese do not see them that way. This is cause for alarm because obese children run the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and other ailments more commonly found in adults. And, overweight children are likely to grow up to be overweight adults.

Dr. Mathew Davis, a University of Michigan professor of pediatrics and internal medicine said, “When I see a child that is obese at these younger ages, I take that as a sign of ways nutrition can be improved, a child’s activity level can be improved.”

Dr. Reginald Washington, a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics noted that in about half of the cases of childhood obesity, one or more of the parents is also obese. Dr. Gouthan Rao, clinical director of the Weight Management and Wellness Center at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh says that there is also a social stigma with childhood obesity – “it’s not something that parents are willing to admit to readily”.

It is so unimaginable to me that for the first time since the Civil War this generation has a shorter life expectancy the previous generation. As a nation, we have let our children down by serving them fast foods and processed foods that fill them with fat and sugar – leaving them feeling hungry for more.

We should be teaching our children to eat real food (meaning vegetables, whole grains and fruit) and teaching them self-hypnosis so that they can manage their cravings. Children easily learn hypnotherapy and learn quickly how to use hypnosis.

By the way, how are those New Years Resolutions? Are you ready to lose weight – or are you like Ralph Drabble? If you are serious, use hypnosis.