Ever have one of THOSE days where if it can go wrong it will? Where you are in a hurry and things get farther behind? (The printer quit, I spilt the paper clips, the stapler was out of staples …). That’s been my day. Maybe it’s ‘cuz it’s cold & dark out and these short days are getting to me. (Just a few more weeks and the days get longer!).

So I had a few minutes and used my self-hypnosis. I went to Paipu Beach on Maui. I could feel the straw mat under my back. The heat of the sand through the mat & the heat of the sun on my body. The cardinals were singing in the bushes, the coconut leaves rustled as the waves pounded it. And oh yes … the smell of plumeria mixed with the salt air!

Hypnosis is so wonderful – even on a day like to day I can go to the beach and relax. I feel so much better now!