In spite of the great suffering caused by the Midwest drought, it could help curb obesity. Given that corn is engineered into so much of what we consume, the USDA predicts overall food prices will rise about 3.5% by the end of this year. Dr. John McDougall says it’s time to curb our appetite for corn — and the meat and milk from animals that feed on it too — and start consuming the vegetable the way nature intended before it was turned into a commodity for super profits. My heart goes out to all the farmers, cattle growers and everyone impacted by the heat and drought. Let’s use this as a time to recreate our food habits as they were intended to be. Never in recorded history have we farmed the way we do today and never in recorded history have we been so fat and sick. There is an abundance of plant strong foods to choose from. Let’s reform our individual healthcare and change the world.

How the Midwest Drought
Could Help Curb Obesity

Los Angeles Times, July 30, 2012: Dr. John McDougall, who advocates for a plant-based diet, agrees. “One effective solution for individuals, as well as the nation at large, is to change people’s eating habits. Rather than feeding the crops to animals we could instead eat the corn, wheat, soybeans, and potatoes ourselves. The savings would be world changing,” he told The Times over email. Citing stats from his new book, “The Starch Solution,” he continued: “It takes about 7 pounds of edible, healthy grains to produce just 1 pound of beef, 4 pounds for a pound of pork, and 2 pounds for a pound of chicken. Reallocating land from animal to crop production would increase our food resources at least seventeen-fold: Crops like potatoes can produce 17 times the calories as animals on the same piece of land. There would be additional positive consequences of replacing animal foods in our diet with plants.”

But the burden of responsibility and change shouldn’t fall just on consumers. The Department of Agriculture should get on board too. In a recent Opinion piece about the ills of dairy produced by corn-eating cows, the New York Times’ Mark Bittman wrote that “the job of an agriculture department should not be to sell whatever crops our farmers can grow most efficiently, it should be to encourage the growth of crops that will benefit the greatest number of Americans. Those crops are not corn and soy, grown largely to create hyper-processed food or animal feed (and in turn animal products), but an increasing variety of plants that can be directly eaten by humans.”

Read How the Midwest Drought Could Help Curb Obesity

With Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis you can easily change your food habits. Healthcare reform begins by each of us being responsible for our own health care. Lets curb our appetite for corn syrup, beef and dairy and plant vegetables and whole grains.

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