Jeffrey Novick tells us why olive oil is not good for your heart. Do you think that food just can’t taste good without olive oil? Well, At the Seattle weight loss program Slender For Life™ clients learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis to change their food desires. If you are done with the fad diets like Atkins, the Mediterranean Diet, The Zone, Jenny Craig and others,  then hypnosis for weight loss can work for you. Weight loss hypnosis has proven success. Visit the Seattle hypnosis program Slender For Life™ and find out how you can lose weight with hypnosis.

After consuming olive oil, blood flow decreased 31% for up to 6 hours, peaking at 4 hours and didn’t return to normal for up to 6 hours.  When olive oil is put on salad, the damaging affect is less, due to the protective nutrients of the salad. The benefit of the Mediterranean Diet is not the olive oil, it is the vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes and the fact that they moved around a lot and didn’t over eat. But when you pour the olive oil on the American diet the damaging affect increased. Eating a cheeseburger and milk shake and other fast foods had a traumatic reduction in blood flow that lasted for hours. If you eat fast food more than twice a week, your risk for metabolic syndrome and diabetes goes up traumatically. Eating fast food more than twice each week also affects inflammation and white blood cellsJeff Novick points out that someone can eat these other diets and lose weight, but run the risk of other health issues.

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